Waitress Sadie's Distress Order!
Updated: 2009/09/03 - Video: 26 min - Pictures: 490
It was a lot of fun to find Sadie West working as a waitress. The thing about teenage whores is that they can't seem to function without a cock in their mouth! Sadie is no exception, this amazingly hot slut needed to be trained to get her orders right! Tied up, ball gagged, shoved in the sink and spanked with an oven paddle, she eventually learned her mistakes the moment that hard cock rammed her tight moist pussy...
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Lindy's Tiny Bike Trouble!
Updated: 2009/09/03 - Video: 26 min - Pictures: 490
Adorable, loving, sweet fucking 18 year old slut Lindy Lane was in the garage trying to fix her cute little bike until we threw a ball gag in her mouth and humiliated her for using tools she wasn't supposed to! She ended up getting a big tool shoved deep inside her moist pink pussy as she was tied and bound with bike inner tubes and chains. With tits clamped with vices and her delicious teenage body wrapped in rope, this petite slut wasn't leaving the garage without a humiliating facial...
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Pool Lounging Disgraced Addison!
Updated: 2009/08/27 - Video: 38 min - Pictures: 508
Laying out in the pool, Addison Cain needed to get her lazy ass blonde slutty body fucked and humiliated. On the inflatable raft, we tied her up and kept her in the pool while fucking any shred of innocence left in this 18 year old whore! One thing this bitch was amazing at was spreading out and getting beyond humiliated....
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Security Slamming Slut Nicole!
Updated: 2009/08/20 - Video: 34 min - Pictures: 564
Getting caught stealing, Nicole Ray gets more than just busted by the security guard in a near by bathroom. He handcuffs her, ties her up and slams her on the sink so hard that it fucking breaks! Ramming his cock in her pussy and making her deepthroat his night stick! After a few pumps of humiliation he throws her on the toilet and has his way with her as she is getting wetter with every thrust of his authority....
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Cheer Leading Slut Shawna!
Updated: 2009/08/13 - Video: 27 min - Pictures: 469
Just after cheer leading practice, Shawna Lenee was so excited to meet up with us on the bleachers at school she couldn't contain herself. So we helped her out by putting her on a leash and spreading that amazing 18 year old pink spirit! This peppy slut had so much spunk and she needed every drop of it to get through the humiliation we put her through....
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Extra Inning Kati Summers!
Updated: 2009/08/06 - Video: 31 min - Pictures: 420
Disgraced 18 year old softball bitch, Kati Summers knows just how much it hurts to get balls thrown in her face. Lucky for her they're just planted on her chin as we tie her up and tape her fucking tits together! We laugh as this teenage athlete tries to run home but can't with a hard cock fucking her on the bleachers! You won't believe how amazing this grand slam of a slut really is in the first inning....
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Mountain Biking Bitch Kara!
Updated: 2009/07/30 - Video: 33 min - Pictures: 506
Mountain biking, Kara Novack didn't expect to come across such humiliation as she did. We grabbed that perfect round ass off her bike seat and smacked it around for a bit before shutting her up by wrapping her bike chain around her filthy mouth. Before she knew it she was tied up and face fucked with a hard cock and penetrated with an insane dildo! As we increased the pain she started getting off more and more and finally getting on her knees begging for for cum all over her tight nature loving 18 year old body...
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Soccer Faye Slaps Balls!
Updated: 2009/07/23 - Video: 34 min - Pictures: 518
Redhead cutie Faye Regan was playing goalie in a soccer game when we asked her to step up her game and play with the big boys. She was so happy to catch balls in her face while getting cocks and dildos rammed hard in her throat, she couldn't resist having her hands and feet tied up with her sweet juicy wet teenage pussy sticking out! She sure played like a winner swallowing a huge load right before getting abandoned in the dark...
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Bar-B-Quivering Slut Capri!
Updated: 2009/07/16 - Video: 30 min - Pictures: 502
Over for a BBQ, Capri was ready to shove wieners in her mouth. Slutty bitch wanted more meat, so we gave her exactly that. Crammed a few sausages in her mouth and taped them in there to suck on while we tied her up, clipped on some clothes pins to her toes and sweet teen pussy lips. We turned up the heat with a fat cock ramming her ripe round ass from behind while she was bent over and hog tied...
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Pumped, Ballin' And Slammed Amber!
Updated: 2009/07/02 - Video: 28 min - Pictures: 512
Amber Ashlee talks shit on the court but when we shove that ball gag in her dirty whore mouth she can't do much but succumb to humiliation! We tied her up to a locker room shower bench and not only jammed dildos in her tight 18 year old pussy but dunked some big balls in her mouth! After a few minutes of slamming her incredible busty body we left her slutty ass at the buzzer...
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